Monday, May 14, 2012

Peter Boettke - Winning Organizations

When I reflect on the programs created by great coaches --- such as Coach Joe Walters --- they get the most out of their best by demanding the most out of their best.  The worst coaches create an atmosphere where their best athletes lack accountability. In short, in winning organizations the very best work harder than everyone and demand that the entire organization try to keep up. But in losing organizations, the "best" take short-cuts, rest of past accomplishments, expect to always be excused for poor performance or lack of effort. The best organizations do not allow excuses, and they don't allow whining. They do insist on responsibility and accountability for all, but especially for those who are the most talented. To those who have been given the most, much is expected.  There is no such thing as an entitlement mentality in winning organizations.
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Winning Organizations
By Peter Boettke

Reading these words I immediately began thinking about my own experiences playing sports as a little kid up through high school. Although my sports career is largely over (I still play softball), these lessons remain incredibly valuable to understanding the success and failure of organizations in all walks of life.

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