Wednesday, June 13, 2012

25 Key Twitter Feeds for Following the Student Loan Debate

If Congress doesn't take action before July 1, many federal student loans will jump from a 3.4% rate to 6.8%, effectively doubling rates. The debate surrounding this issue has caught the attention of those in education, politics, and beyond. Many have taken to Twitter, sharing the latest updates, opinions, and musings. We've discovered 25 of the most informative and insightful Twitter feeds that you can check out to learn about what's going on in the student loan debate, right as it happens.
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25 Key Twitter Feeds for Following the Student Loan Debate
By Staff Writers

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  1. Congress took an action in 2012 and now in 2013. They stopped interest rate from going double. I wish they could also manage tuition price which significantly rose for 2013-2014 study years. So I can hardly imagine a number of students admitting colleges or universities to increase this year. It is more likely it will decrease. It is not going to be a big surprise for me if taking out loans till pay day will soon be unaffordable as well.