Friday, June 15, 2012

Open Climate Science 101 - FREE

Three thousand non-science major undergraduates at the University of Chicago have taken this class since 1996, and learned the science behind the forecast for a human influence on Earth's climate. The story combines physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth and atmospheric science.
The content of this class is now being served to the internet world at large. You can watch video lectures followed by quizzes to stimulate your understanding, and work your way through tutorial exercises letting you get hands-on with interactive models and simple mathematical ideas. You can work at your own pace, on your own time. You don't get University of Chicago credit, but it's free, and if you complete the exercises you can download a certificate of accomplishment signed by me.
Read it at Open Climate Science 101
Open Climate Science 101
By David Archer
(h/t Tom Hickey at Mike Norman Economics)

The trend is clearly towards classes being offered free online and my intent is to support that movement (despite the potentially negative effects for professors salaries/employment). Climate change will remain a primary concern for the foreseeable future. A better understanding of the basics will improve the dialogue and chances of working towards a positive resolution. 

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