Saturday, February 25, 2012

Points of Public Interest

  1. Restraining unit labor costs is a right-wing conspiracy - Steve Randy Waldman discusses how the Federal Reserve’s explicit actions are helping reduce labor’s share of output over time.
  2. The rule of more - A former professor of mine, Susan Dudley, is quoted on the subject of inconsistent cost-benefit analysis that allows the regulatory system to be gamed. (h/t Cafe Hayek)
  3. Keeping an Eye on Wealth Creation - Renowned investor Hugh Hendry continues to expect a Chinese hard landing and, most importantly, expresses his view that “ the road to hyperinflation is via hyperdeflation.”
  4. Hayek, Equilibrium and Complexity - Paul Omerod succinctly explains the importance of Hayek’s thinking to the study of complex systems.
  5. The Longest Quarterly Letter Ever - Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham offers his updated investment outlook and continues to recommend patience. (h/t Zero Hedge)

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