Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Free Market in Education

“Skillshare is solving a serious problem in the world right now: an education system that isn’t speaking to its students or taking advantage of the passion and skill that our fellow community members possess. Skillshare’s vision is to democratize education by empowering anyone to be a teacher.”

-Danya Cheskis-Gold

Read it at Forbes.com
Those Who Can, Skillshare
by Jesse Thomas

A friend and former classmate, Danya Cheskis-Gold, was recently interviewed about a relatively new educational venture called Skillshare. With our traditional educational system often struggling to provide an innovation-inspiring environment, Skillshare seeks to vastly expand the educational opportunities for all ages. Encouraging individuals to both teach and learn unique skills is a fascinating market-based approach to improving education within our society. Definitely check out the website...you may find a class to take for free or make some money teaching!

Update: While the President attempts to stem the tide in rising student debt, a few professors from respected universities are providing an even better solution...free-online courses. Aswath Damodaran (NYU) is offering his corporate finance and valuation courses this semester to anyone online. The links and necessary info to register can be found here: My small challenge to the "university" business model. Separately, David Evans (UVA) and Sebastian Thrun (Stanford) are teaching computer programming and how to build an online search engine in seven weeks. Information for their course can be found here: Udacity.

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