Sunday, January 8, 2012

Points of Public Interest

  1. What’s MMT About Anyway and is the Job Guarantee Crucial to the Project? - Pavlina Tcherneva discusses the subjective policy recommendations that necessarily give Modern Monetary Theory value and offers her view on the recent debate among MMTers about the importance of a Job Guarantee.
  2. How Egalitarianism Increases Inequality - Bryan Caplan makes an argument for praising the 1%.
  3. The Right Kind of Hope - John Hussman highlights the poor prospects for long-run returns across asset classes and provides an update on the continually worsening European crisis.
  4. Does the free market corrode moral character? - Michael Walzer compares the effects of competition on moral character within politics and markets.
  5. Bastiat's Insight on Government Inaction - David Henderson explains why disapproving of government subsidies for an action is not the same as disapproving of the action itself.
  6. A Challenge for Libertarians Against Federal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage - Steve Horwitz offers his view on why supporting same-sex marriage “is fundamental to classic liberalism.”

Update (1): Responses to Two Objections to My Challenge - Steve Horwitz responds to a couple comments on the above post.

Update (2): The Job Guarantee, Kleptocracy and Blogging - Edward Harrison posts a follow-up to Pavlina Tcherneva’s comments on the Job Guarantee.

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