Saturday, March 10, 2012

Points of Public Interest

  1. The Complexity of Hayek - Greg Fisher comments on similarities and differences between Hayek’s work and complex systems. Complexity theory is a fascinating subject I hope to study in the future.
  2. Social Security, the Financial Crisis & Modern Monetary Theory - John Carney continues to display how MMT, in focusing on the monetary system, forgets the many ways in which government can harm real economic growth and wealth.
  3. US Credit and Economic Views: It’s the Housing Market Stupid - Constance Hunter wisely notes the deflationary pressure of over $1 trillion in underwater mortgage debt. This remains a key aspect of my view that inflation will remain muted for several years.
  4. Tuning In to Dropping Out - Alex Tabarrok draws attention to the lack of college graduates in STEM fields and the disappointing level of dropouts both in high school and college. Focusing subsidies on STEM majors and offering “vocational” programs are a couple potential solutions for improving education within the US.
  5. GAO: Almost Half of Bailed Banks Repaid the Government With Money “From Other Federal Programs” - Matt Stoller examines the truth behind Treasury’s claims that “TARP made money.”
  6. For Profit Education, Pigs at the Trough - Russ Winter looks at how For Profit Education programs are abusing the government system to earn massive profits, while loading students with debt and only graduating around 33%.
  7. Josh’s Twenty Common Sense Investing Rules - Joshua Brown provides a great outline for individual investors, not traders.

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