Saturday, March 31, 2012

Points of Public Interest

This week’s best and most intriguing for your weekend reading:

  1. Krugman on (or maybe off) Keen
  1. Why Some Multinationals Pay Such Low Taxes
Insight into Google’s use of a “Double Irish Dutch Sandwich” and many other clever practices being used by GE, Microsoft, Apple, etc.
A former student of Minsky’s elegantly outlines the important aspects for understanding the reality of our financial and economic system. More on Minsky: Was 'Post-Keynesian' Hyman Minsky an Austrian in Disguise?
  1. The worst anti-regulatory travesties in the financial sphere have had broad, bipartisan support
Without much fanfare, the “fraud-friendly JOBS Act” passed Congress this week with overwhelming support. William Black, a professor of law and economics, offers a history of anti-regulatory bills over the past several decades. If history is any guide, the JOBS Act will be front and center as having aided and abetted massive frauds during a financial crisis in the not too distant future. More on the JOBS Act: Bill Black: “The only winning move is not to play”—the insanity of the regulatory race to the bottom
  1. Liberating The Hunger Games and What Happened to Liberty in the The Hunger Games Movie?
What can I of The Hunger Games is everywhere these days!
  1. The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

The bottom 99% fall further behind:

Source: NYT

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