Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hugh Hendry - The Crash Ahead and Opportunities of a Lifetime

Hugh Hendry is one of a handful of legendary investors whose views on markets are always worth strong consideration. Among that group, none are more determined to generally remain out of the news. Luckily, Hendry was recently willing to discuss his opinions with the Financial Times. While he remains bearish on the BRICs and Europe, his take on the US is slightly more optimistic. But don’t get too excited:
He believes that financial markets are single-digit years away from a crash that will present investors with opportunities of a lifetime. “Bad things are going to happen and I still think the closest analogy is the 1930s.”
Professional money managers may not have the luxury staying defensive but, for other investors who believe Hendry’s view may prove true, the lesson is clear: Preserve capital.

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